Wednesday, June 07, 2006

3D Studio Max 8 hanging problem seemed to be resolved.

Today I seemed to have 3D Studio Max 8 hanging problem resolved by turning OFF the Autobackup by the following checking off the following checkbox:

[Cutomize]->[Preferences ...] ->tab "File"->Auto Backup. [ ] Enable

I also set the viewpoint Display drivers to OpenGL instead of DirectX. I doubt about this is a related factor, though.

Now that I have the desktop one working OK, I am trying out the VMWare version and see how goes.

Cure 3D studio Max 8 crashing

I was a bit fustrated by the constant crashing of 3D STudio Max 8 on both my work machine and the VMWare. Maybe this article can help fixing some of the mess.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Installing 3D Studio Max 8 on VMWare

In order to faciliate my "3D modeling everywhere" dream, I have 3D Studio Max 8 installed on a VMWare system on my removable harddisk. It works pretty OK. The only catch it take I have to set the 3D engine to Software instead of DirectX or OpenGL. Other than that it seems fine.

I also have Service Pak 3 install. No problem encountered so far.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Strange thing about Painter IX with myGraphite 4 on my desktop PC

Last night I experienced something a little bit strange: the 2B Pencil tool in Painter IX doesn't look right on my desktop. I know this has nothing to do with Graphite 4, and probably has more to do with my display and the nVidia graphic card. The symptoms is this: it seems like the anti-alising was not done too well with the 2B Pencil. A lot of rough edges was formed on the screen, makes the result looked very odd.

I twisted left and right, and finally found that adjusting the min size and size step seems to help a little bit. But at the end, I blame the stupid LCD screen. :-m