Sunday, November 17, 2013

So it was the mouse, not Blender, that has problem

It started when I tried to use scroll wheel button to scroll and pan the 3D view on Blender, and found that it didn't work.  At first I found it was the Blender software that had problem.  And then I thought maybe it's the system mouse setting.  

Finally I found out that it's the mouse itself that had problem.  After some serious slamming, it seemed to work ok now, but it may die again.  Luckily there's replacement 3rd button simulation in Blender, or maybe I should just buy another mouse.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to create a color poster using Adobe Illustrator CS5

- Create a new document with the dimension of your final poster, but take overlap area as consideration.  for instance, if you want to print out on 2 Ledger Paper (17 inch x 11 inch), and you want .75 inch overlap, then your dimension should be:
Width: 22 inch - 1.5 inch = 20.5 inch
Height 17 inch - 1.5 inch = 15.5 inch
- Put your image on the art-board, enlarge it to fill up all the space
- Select [File][Print...] to bring up print dialogue.
- In Media, select your paper size. I chose Ledger.
- In Options:
- Choose tile
- In Overlap, enter 0.75 inch.
- Look at the preview to make sure everything look good.
- Click Print to print the page out.
- Use Scotch tape to put together together.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fitting older clothing with Genesis models

I was pretty excited when I realized that Genesis models (like Aiko 5) can take clothing from older Daz Studio model format and still fits reasonably well.  Nothing is perfect though:

  • It only works for Victoria/Akio 4 and later, meaning my clothing for Aiko and Victoria 3 won't work.
  • Something specifying clothing type works, sometimes it doesn't.  Like when I tried to fit Maiden 4 Glove to Akio 5, the glove had some spikes generated.  If I don't specified the clothing as glove, the spikes disappeared.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Make sure I use customize Installation when installing Genesis content

I realized that I have my own directory to story all my Daz content, so when I install Genesis content, instead using the "Use Default Settings", I need to use "customize Installation", and then I need to choose "Choose from a pre-defined list of mapped DAZ Studio Directories".  From there I can choose my "C:/Users/Public/Documents/.." directory, and keep everything in a centralized place.

Continue journey with Daz Studio 4.6

After making sure that Daz Studio 4.6 being installed and working properly on the new machine that I received 2 weeks ago, I kind of ignored Daz Studio until today.  And then I realized that there's no new Genesis model that I could play with.

Turns out I have to install the Install Manager in order to download Genesis Starter and Genesis 2 Female Starter Essentials.

I was also surprised that there's already Aiko 5, Victoria 5 and Victoria 6 exist.  Man so much stuff to catch up.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New machine, new set up battle

I haven't been using DazStudio for a while since my desktop (MacMini late 2009) is simply underpower for such activity.  But then recently I finally made up my mind to buy more powerful machine to do 3D animation.  So I spent US$820 getting a Dell XPS 8500 with Core i7 4th gen with NVidia GeForce GTX 645.  I only have it setup for less than a day, but so far I am cool with the performance.

So now it come to the time to set up Daz Studio again.  The version I am using now is Daz Studio Pro Edition 64 bit.  I was trying to follow my "Finally have DazStudio 4.5 properly running on my MacMini" blog post, and found that the one of the SyncToy directory changed.  So here's my new setting:

(new setting)
- Set up SyncToy sync folder to sync between "\\\z\_ Frequently Install Software\Ultimate Poser Vault\content" and "C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library"  (for syncing my 19Gb+ Daz content)
(old setting, still works)
-  Set up SyncToy sync folder to sync between "C:\Users\d****\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio" and "\\\z\_ To Save\My Daz Studio Setting"