Saturday, June 28, 2008

Still couldn't find a converter to convert .bip to .bvh

I spent almost 2 hours and still couldn't find a way to convert .bip (motion capture file format for 3D Studio Max Character Studio) to .bvh (something Daz Studio can use, sort of). Some mentioned a way, but I don't have that motion builder application. What a bummer.

Faceshop, wow

I accidentally came across this Daz Studio plug in called FaceShop. The Basic version is now free, but it only works with version, which is still in beta right now. So I better wait for the release of before I mess with it.

Finally, Aiko 4's eyes are not messed up

I was struggling for 2 hours (how many times did I write an introduction of my blog like this) with Daz Studio 2.2 trying to figure out why Aiko 4's morph was not working. Result: Aiko 4 got a very tiny eyes, and when I tried to slide the Aiko morph parameter nothing changed except the size of the model's head. That's a very creepy look.

I finally got my answer by reading the Daz 3D forum. Solution: Reinstall Aiko 4, and eveyrthing will be working fine.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

3D Bridge for Photoshop is no longer free

I didn't really dig into 3D Bridge for Photoshop from Daz (for better integration between Photoshop and Daz Studio). To me, all I really care is find a way to export rendering image to a format that support layering, so that I can integration the scene rendered in Daz Studio into my photoshop work. And during the beta period, this is the only thing I used it for.

Guess work, the beta period for 3D Bridge is over. The final version has been released, and Daz started charging US$199 for it. I definitely don't have that much money, but I found a solution: .PNG file format. As long as I set up Daz Studio so that it render stuffs using .PNG, I can reopen the files in Photoshop, and integrate the rendering on my drawing. That's kind of my poor man version of 3D Bridge.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Found a clumsy way to import Lightwave 3D 8.5 models into Daz Studio

I enjoy using Lightwave 3D 8.5 since it works well in a "portable application" setting. However, I have hard time exporting or important anything to and from Lightwave to other format besides ".lwo". I tried making sure that all the plugins are being installed by:
  • Opening Lightwave 3D 8.5
  • Click [Utilities] tab
  • Click button "Edit Plugins"
  • Click [Scan Directory] button
  • Point to the plugin folder
Still, when I check [Import ...] I got nothing.

So then I need to find a way to convert .lwo to .obj . Eventaully I found this solution:
  • Open Shade 8
  • Import .lwo file
  • Export .obj file.
Once in .obj, I can open it in both 3D studio Max or Daz Studio.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally done with the costume

I spent several nights to prepare the costume texture for the girl on the left. It looks OK I guess.

[3D Studio Max] Show map in viewport

After you set image map in 3D Studio Max, don't forget to set "Show Map in Viewport" so that you can see your texture in viewport.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get back missing toolbar icons in 3D Studio Max

Somehow when I open 3D Studio Max today, I found all the icons on the main Toolbar DISAPPEARED! Eventually I used the following way to restore the toolbar back:

- Select menu [Customize][Costume UI and Default Switcher...]
- Select "Max", "Default UI", click [Set] button.
- Restart the application.

Daz Studio 2.2 "Optimizing Images..." problem irritates people!

I was stuck with the notorious Daz Studio "Optimizing Images..." hanging problem this morning. It was very fustrating as even the newest version of Daz Studio ( doesn't resolve the problem. I looked into the forum, and found this post and this post that might help resolving my problem. It's really irritating indeed.

Oh Stupid me about Daz Studio

Just found out that to refresh the bitmap, all I need to do is select [Refresh Images] from the menu. No need to reload the software.

More about Daz Studio

Daz Studio, being in version, is still not too stable. In fact, just a while ago, I had to reboot my machine to get Daz Studio up and running again. Still, this is the best I can get for have a virtual stage.

While I was working on preparing texture for 3D model, I found that the wrap Transformation tool is such a powerful tool. It's like of like the Mesh transformation in Illustrator, but not as fine grain. Still it's such a powerful tool that makes me wonder why I didn't use it before.

I also found out a while ago that I need to reopened the file again in order to get all texture loaded properly even after a texture JPEG file got updated.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[Adobe Illustrator CS3] Check Transparency before converting image to mesh object

Last night I made a mistake and turned an hour plus work into something not so useful.

Basically I try to put some real world clothing pattern on a texture mapping template I created on Adobe Illustrator CS3. Everything went well. But before I convert a texture (JPEG image) into mesh object so that I can wrap it on a texture mapping template, I changed the image's transparency BEFORE converting to mesh object. That's NO NO because after the convertion. The low transparency became 100%! That means I can never get back to the original transprency.

So next time I should remember to FIRST convert a bitmap into mesh object BEFORE I change the transparency value.

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Tiling on Daz Studio

Just found out that Daz Studio does not support Tiling Texture. Everything has to be done in UV Mapping style.


Long time ago I wrote an article about how to turn JPEG into mesh object in Adobe Illustrator by selecting "[Object]->[Envelop Distort]->[Make With Mesh...]" command. I just found out that on CS3, I need to click the [Embed] button to embed the drag-and-dropped JPEG file first before I can access the "Make With Mesh" menu.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Found a solution to get rid of reflecting eyes

Thanks for all the reply!

The solution is selecting the "5_Cornea" surface, and then set the "Specular, Glossiness" to 90%, and boom the ultra reflective eyes are gone. Awesome.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Found out how to save expression in Daz Studio

I have to say that I am pretty piss right now as I wasted 1.5 hours trying to figure out how to save Expression in Daz Studio 2.1. Eventually I found it. but damn it for lossing my 1.5 hours.

Basically I am following the instruction at Daz web site, but since that article was written for older version, some minor stuffs was changed.

Before saving, you should create a folder to store your own setting. I have a habit of putting my own Daz Studio content in place other than the application installed directory. However, make sure that the content directory you used to store your custom expression is under "Daz Studio Content Directories" instead of "Poser Content Directories". I made that mistake and thus my saved expression was never show up.

If everything done right, you should see the folder name you created to store expression showing up at "Uncategorized" group.

If you don't see your expression showing up, check the following:

  • Make sure the your content path is in the preference. For some stupid reasons sometimes the path will disappear. And you have to add again, so do check.
  • Do "Search for Content" so that the UI can be refreshed. That should load your expression.
More tidbit on saving expression:

  • Setting up your active screen in a way that you want the icon to look like. I perfer using "Front View", and how the head zoomed in so that I can clearly see the expression.
  • When saving, simply:
    • Navigate to your Daz Content Folder.
    • If it's a new category, create a new folder and save your file in it.
    • On "Save Pose Preset Options", take the default, which is "Current Frame Only" and "Record Custom".
    • MAKE SURE you check the check box for the character (like Victoria 4), otherwise all your effort will NOT be saved even though the icon looks good.
    • Also MAKE SURE that you check the right sub-hierarchy. Otherwise the pose you save may affect the whole body. For instance, if you just want to save the facial expression. You see check the "head" check-box in the hierarchy ONLY.

Finally figured out how to move multiple objects in Daz Studio 2.2

The method is much simpler than I thought. Simply create a null object as a place holder as your group. When you need to move something as a group, move those item into the null object. That way, when select the null object (from scene hierarchy) you move the whole group of object around. Simple as that.

Now if I know how to save facial expression .....