Sunday, June 22, 2008

3D Bridge for Photoshop is no longer free

I didn't really dig into 3D Bridge for Photoshop from Daz (for better integration between Photoshop and Daz Studio). To me, all I really care is find a way to export rendering image to a format that support layering, so that I can integration the scene rendered in Daz Studio into my photoshop work. And during the beta period, this is the only thing I used it for.

Guess work, the beta period for 3D Bridge is over. The final version has been released, and Daz started charging US$199 for it. I definitely don't have that much money, but I found a solution: .PNG file format. As long as I set up Daz Studio so that it render stuffs using .PNG, I can reopen the files in Photoshop, and integrate the rendering on my drawing. That's kind of my poor man version of 3D Bridge.

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