Sunday, October 18, 2009

So this is how you update Daz Studio 3 Advanced

I was frustrated by my Daz Studio 3 Advanced kept crashed after saving a scene, and then puzzled by how I can update Daz Studio 3 to the latest It turns out that all I need is download the regular Daz Studio, run the installer (which during the process will uninstall the older version), and once it's done, run the application and enter the Advanced serial number. That's it. There's no separate update exe.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to properly export page from Manga Studio EX4 to Photoshop

Each graphic tool has its own strength. So I use Manga Studio EX4 to do inking, and then I export the inking result to Photoshop CS4 and do the coloring there. To make sure that the inking layer has it's own layer when opening inPhotoshop, make sure that you export the file properly with these setting:

  • In Manga Studio EX4, select [File][Export...][Image file...(In Pixels)]
  • In "Export Image" dialog box, select "(x) Output as actual size" as Output Size. For File Setting, choose "Photoshop" type. Click [Settings...] to get to the "Photoshop settings" dialog. Choose "(x)Keep Layer structure for Output" option, check
    "[x] Ouput layer set (Photoshop 6.0 ot later)" and select "(x) Up to 5 Layers (Photoshp CS or Later)".
That's it. Happy Inking and coloring!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Done, resolved the tablet stylus delay problem!

After spending some time to investigate the issue of which I found my Wacom Graphite 4 tablet had pen stroke delay issue with using with Manga Studio EX4 and Photoshop CS4 (plus lossing the touch sensitive ability) under Windows 7, I found out a perfect solution to resolve the problem. Simple disable the "Flicks" feature will get rid of the delay problem.

To disable tablet stylus "flicks" do the following:
  • Under Windows 7 Control Panel, select "Tablet PC Setting" and find "Pen and Touch". Or better yet, search "Pen and Touch" in Windows search box (just pressure the Windows key to bring up the search box).
  • Under "Flicks" tab, unchecked the "Use flicks to perform common actions quickly and easily"
  • In addition, you can also disable "Press and hold" and "Use Your finger as an input device" (particularly when I don't have a touch screen on my desktop) to make your stylus even more responsive when drawing.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Slightly tablet delay when using Manga Studio EX4 under Windows 7 final release

I just realized something kind of strange: I sensed and saw a few mini-second delay when using my Wacom Tablet Graphite 4 with Manga Studio Ex4 under the Windows 7 Final release. I didn't have the same problem when using the Windows 7 release candidate. Odd.

But then you could argue that when you ink your manga, you usually don't do quick sketch and ultra fast strokes. I tried carefully inking, and the delay doesn't seem to affect my inking process.

Maybe I just have to deal with it by inking properly.