Saturday, November 18, 2006

Painter XI.5 update

I tried Painter XI.5 update, and create an portable app using it. But it seems very unstable and crash everytime I tried to draw something on the Canvas. I wonder what the problem is. But in the meantime Painter XI will be were I stay.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A bad habit to break

There was one tiny issue that sort of bugged me for a long while ever since I brought the Wacom Graphite 4 Tablet: that when I use Photoshop and Painter, I found that very once in a while I saw some dots got left inside the sketch of my drawing. At first I thought it was some setting problem, and it got to a point that I almost thought there's something wrong with the Wacom tablet. But today when I closely monitor how I sketch, I realized that the problem is actually on ME.

See, I have a tendency of slightly slamming the pen on the tablet surface even when I tried to draw a light line. I might intended to draw a smooth thin-then-thick-then-thin line, but my instinct tends to slam on the surface first before pulling all off to very light force. As the result, a spot was created. In fact, the tablet and the pen ACCURATELY and EXACTLY replicate what I did when the pen. It was just that I was in denial.

So I really need to practice sketch by breaking this bad habit. In fact, to think about it, I had the same habit when dancing by using all the force on preparation steps and thus ruin the whole thing. Gotta work on it.