Sunday, April 06, 2014

No portable for Manga Studio 5 EX

Whenever I try a new piece of software, I always check and see if I can make it "portable", meaning, grab the application folder and put it on another machine, and see if it works work out a full installation.  As I constantly moving from one machine to another machine, this practice helps me to being productive since I don't have to spend time re-installing all the applications I need.  Sure, not all applications are portable friendly.  But so far, majority of application I care are portable friendly.  So far so good.

Recently I tried to pick up manga drawing, and Manga Studio 5.0EX is the best on the market.  So the question is: can Manga Studio 5 EX run as a portable app?

Answer: errr sort of .. if you don't mind missing EX features.

Here's the features I lost if I run the app in Portable mode:

  • Multiple page support is NOT available.
  • Material library is NOT supported.
  • The software identify itself as Manga Studio 5 instead of 5 EX.
Still at least all the basic features are there in portable mode.  So I am not complaining.

Another interesting Painter X3 brush

I found another Sumi-e brush called Thick Blossom Sumi-e interesting to play with.  Again, not the Chinese calligraphy brush I am looking for, but interesting enough for me to take notes.  Maybe I just need to practice more with it?

Looking brush that simulates Chinese calligraphy

Among all the painting tools, Painter has a special spot in my heart, since this is the first application that allows me to draw something on my tablet while still maintain certain natural look.  Recently I have a need to do a design that involves Chinese calligraphy.  I was hoping that Corel Painter X3 can give me what I need, but so far I haven't found a brush that works for me.  I did, however, found a brush that gives me effect that I can use in the future.  That is the Sumi-e Opaque Bristle Sumi-e.

It's unique look, but still a bit mechanical.