Tuesday, December 25, 2012

OMG, found out what ruin Daz Studio ... it's Office 2013

While I continue to set up my Windows 8 Pro environment on my MacMini, I had DazStudio 4.5 (in fact, all DazStudio version including the older 3.x) problem, which the file dialog lost the folder navigation and network access capability.   I "resolved" the problem by re-install the whole operating system.  

And then a while ago, I found that the problem CAME BACK AGAIN.  But then something suddenly clicked in my head: maybe some application caused this problem.  And I suddenly thought, hell, it could be Office 2013, because my M6600 with Windows 8 has almost the same stuff as my MacMini Windows 8 EXCEPT the Office 2013.  So I uninstalled Office 2013, and SURE ENOUGH the problem was GONE!

The odd thing is that I COULD NOT find any report on Internet that says the same Daz Studio conflict with Office 2013.  I guess I am one of those rare person who happens to use both of them on the same machine.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Daz Studio and Windows 8 ... fustration continues

Since I really want to make sure that whatever scene I made on one machine, the changes really got saved and really can be replicated on another machine, I continued my journey on trying to install and run Daz Studio on machine other than my Dell laptop M6600.  The result wasn't as smooth as I would hope it to be.

First I continue having problem running Daz Studio on my MacMini, even for Daz Studio 3.  I even successfully got Daz Studio 3 Pro installation going on by first mark the installation file as in Windows 7 compatibility and then run it in administrator mode.  Yet when I opened the application and tries the save something, I got the same problem: folder list didn't show up on "Save File" dialog.  I pretty much concluded that I have no choice by reinstall the whole operating system.  And this time, of course, I will try to do a TrueImage before I move on to something bold.

And then I tried installing and running Daz Studio 4.5 on my closet Dell home server machine.  Installation was ok, but when I tried to run the application I got prompt saying that the app requires OpenGL 1.3 support and my ATI Radeon 4000 only gets OpenGL 1.1 driver.  I tried installing the latest driver but it was no use.  Sigh, one down.

So, yes, I am about to reinstall Windows 8 again, and I can see that my last day of Christmas holiday (tomorrow) will be totally spent on this fun fun activity.

Daz Studio again, and this time with Windows 8

I haven't been using Daz Studio for a long while, and after I reinstalled Windows 8 on my Mac Mini, I was thinking of using it again, but only to find out that almost all my older version of Daz Studio installation was failed to start.  The latest ones will probably work, but I also want to make sure that I have a working older version to roll back to in case the latest one creates more problem than it tried to solve.

So I finally found that DAZ.Studio.PRO. works.  Thus I did the installation with the following setting:

Destination Folder: C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4
Content Directory: C:\Users\dkwan\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

And for content management service, I once again use the default:
Install Location: C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Content Management Service
Database Location: C:\ProgramData\DAZ 3D\Content Management Service\databases

Then I set up my SyncToy to Sync between "C:\Users\dkwan\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library" and "\\Deecaypc\z\_ Frequently Install Software\Ultimate Poser Vault\content".

All seemed working fine .... except that when I tried to save file, the File Dialog just totally screwed up, rendered the application unusable.

So I have no choice but fire up the DAZStudio_4.5.1.6_Win64.exe and installed DazStudio 4.5 on my Windows 8 Pro environment (on my Mac Mini, late 2009 edition).

And that DID NOT help.  And I was puzzled about whether it's the installation application's problem.  So I tried installing the same Daz Studio 4.5 on Dell Precision M6600.  Guess what, it has ZERO problem.

Since I tried unintalled a few times on MacMini and I still go the same messed up File Dialogue, I gave up.  After all, the performance of using Daz Studio on that MacMini late 2009 is horrible anyway.  May as well just use the Dell M6600 for a while.

To make sure all my setting are preserved after I returned the M6600, I add a SyncToy schronization pair with "\\\z\_ Frequently Install Software\Ultimate Poser Vault\content" and "C:\ProgramData\DAZ 3D\My DAZ Library".  Let me see how things work out later.