Monday, December 24, 2012

Daz Studio and Windows 8 ... fustration continues

Since I really want to make sure that whatever scene I made on one machine, the changes really got saved and really can be replicated on another machine, I continued my journey on trying to install and run Daz Studio on machine other than my Dell laptop M6600.  The result wasn't as smooth as I would hope it to be.

First I continue having problem running Daz Studio on my MacMini, even for Daz Studio 3.  I even successfully got Daz Studio 3 Pro installation going on by first mark the installation file as in Windows 7 compatibility and then run it in administrator mode.  Yet when I opened the application and tries the save something, I got the same problem: folder list didn't show up on "Save File" dialog.  I pretty much concluded that I have no choice by reinstall the whole operating system.  And this time, of course, I will try to do a TrueImage before I move on to something bold.

And then I tried installing and running Daz Studio 4.5 on my closet Dell home server machine.  Installation was ok, but when I tried to run the application I got prompt saying that the app requires OpenGL 1.3 support and my ATI Radeon 4000 only gets OpenGL 1.1 driver.  I tried installing the latest driver but it was no use.  Sigh, one down.

So, yes, I am about to reinstall Windows 8 again, and I can see that my last day of Christmas holiday (tomorrow) will be totally spent on this fun fun activity.

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