Thursday, January 28, 2010

ZBursh 3.5 R3 keeps crashing

I was always interesting in learning to use ZBrush. The problem is that I always have negative experience with ZBursh. Like recently I am trying to get back to learning ZBursh again, but ZBursh 3.5 R3 just keeps crashing on my Lenovo X60T laptop. Since I have tons of other stuff to learn, so screw you ZBursh, and I'll get back to you say ... errr ... 6 months later.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Manga Studio EX4 crashed when drawing on a document with 3D object, and then, the solution

I am learning to use SketchUp Pro to define a scene and then import into Manga Studio EX4, that way I can use a single scene in multiple drawing, saving me a lot of time. (Actually, the real reason is that I am suck at drawing perspective.) So when I found that Manga Studio EX4 kept crashing whenever I use my stylus to draw something on another layer with a 3D object in it, I was desperate.

After wasted half an hour keep trying and trying, I eventually rebooted the machine, and found that the problem went away. And then I looked back and remembered that I have Sketchup Pro 7 running WHILE using Manga Studio EX4. Maybe both programs fighter for OpenGL access. Anyway, at least the problem seemed to go away after the reboot.

I also found that after I render the 3D object as a raster (and exist as "3DLT Rendering Folder") I can manipulate indivdual layer. This is important because I want to touch up the rendered 3D object so that they don't look so stiff.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You know what, F you Sketchbook Pro

After try and try, installing the latest Sketchbook Pro, and I still get that mouse/tablet freezing problem, so screw you Sketchbook Pro. I am going to use Photoshop CS4 instead, which I tried, and works pretty well. In fact, let me try Painter 11 too since Painter support canvas rotation.

Errr maybe the problem is not Daz Studio after all ....

To my surprise, stopping the Daz Studio doesn't seem to resolve the SketchBook Pro 2010 hanging problem. In fact, I now start to suspect that it's the "Rotate Canvas" feature that caused the occasion hanging.

So I installed the lastest Release 1 SP2. The version of the original one is:
SketchBook Pro 4.0, 2009 02 23 17 34 (Build 297361)

The new one, on the other hand, is:
SketchBook Pro 4.1.2
2009 12 09 02 03(Build 321671)

Let's see if I still got the problem.

Daz Studio makes my tablet chock

Daz Studio continue having this problem: when running, it will cause my Wacom Tablet to momentarily stop function for a few seconds. This is very annoying when I try to use Daz Studio as the model while I do some sketching on SketchBook pro. Granted I can first render and then use the rendered image as reference, it sure would be nicer if Daz Studio doesn't have that problem.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

So Painter 11 is still not Tablet PC friendly

So I installed Painter 11 (using the trial version, which worked for me), and found that running it on my Lenovo X60T doesn't give me any pressure sensitive support. So eventually I had to install the Tablet PC enable driver, which is PenTablet_505-7.exe. Now Painter 11 recognize the pressure sensitivity.

However, that does have some side effect. For instance, SketchBook Pro 2010 was affected as the pressure sensitive level changed. I would love to keep the original setting, but supporting pressure sensitivity on Photoshop CS4 and Painter 11 is also pretty important. I feel like I am simply picking the best of both evil.