Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Setting up Daz Studio on Mac Mini

After my MacMini crashed months ago, I haven't got time to reinstall Daz Studio 3.x on my MacMini.  I decided that today is the time and so here I go.

The first thing I realized is that the free serial number that I used doesn't seem to work anymore.  No problem, as I got the new serial number after I logged into my Daz account.

Then I realized that the content important structure seemed to be a little bit different than what I used to.  Again, no huge problem.  I'll just adapt it anyway.  So here's the new rule of thumb: to map your whole previous Daz/Poser content tree (for me it's "/Volumes/Install/Ultimate Poser Vault"), you should ONLY map it to "Poser Formats (import)", and don't put them in "Daz Studio Format" or "Other supported format", otherwise you'll get duplicated entries on the Content tab.

Search content is something extremely important to me, and here's how to enable it:
  • In Content tab, select "View Category - Quick Start" view, and it will prompt you to scan directory to add to the database.  Click "Yes" and it will start scanning.  This scanning will take for a while, and it's well worth the effort because this allows you to quickly access your content.
 Happy DazStudio fun!