Sunday, November 30, 2014

Like Santa, Aiko 6 and Daz Studio 4.7 Pro exist!

I didn't have time to check with any development related to DazStudio for the last half year.  And then today when I was relaxing at home on Sunday after thanksgiving, I suddenly thought, "I wonder if there's anything new with Daz Studio.

That's when I surprisingly found out that not only there a newer version of Daz Studio (4.7 Pro) exist, but there's a new version of Aiko model called Aiko 6.

So did I update from my current DazStudio 4.6 Pro to 4.7?  Nope.  Partly because I was lazy, but also because I found out that I can use Aiko 6 in my current 4.6 Pro without any problem (as far as it seems).

It's always nice to find reason to come back to Daz Studio again.