Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Color Match Tutorial video for Photoshop CS2

This video is awesome. After watching it, I completely understand how color matching works!

Text wrap changed in Illustrator CS3

I was trying to following the instruction at this site to apply text wrapping, but then later I found out from Adobe official site that the command for Text Wrap was changed in CS3.

In CS3, to create multiple column, I should first select text area, then select command [Type] [Area Type Options...].

To create Text wrap, I first select text and wrap around objects (on the top of the text), and then select menu [Object][Text Wrap][Make].

Not too bad.

Illustrator CS3 Problems to resolve

When I do design, I hate switching between my right brain (for creativity) and my left brain (for logical thinking). So I tend to clear up all the technical issues about design before I move ahead my design work. Right now I have these tasks that need to resolve, some Illustrator CS3 related while some Photoshop CS3 realted:

Photoshop CS3 related

Illustrator CS3 related
  • Flow text around graphics.
    Here's the solution.

  • Separate Text from text path
    Turn outs it's more like you select a corner handle, and the drag a text area. It's very much link to the text flow

  • Hot Linkage between Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3
    This is in fact MUCH EASIER than I thought, and works even with my Portable version of Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3. Here's how you do it:
    • In your Windows Explorer, make sure that psd file is associated to your Photoshop app. In my case I associated it to Photoshop CS3 portable.
    • In Illustrator, select the imported psd object, and thus select the menu [Edit][Edit Original]
    • Photoshop will be laoded, and so will your psd document. After you finish editing, save.
    • When you get back to Illustrator, there will be a message saying that the source has change and ask for update confirmation. Accept it you got the modified psd object. Awesome.
      I also found an awesome new feature in Photoshop CS3 for creating DuoTone photo from color photo. Just select [Image][Adjustment][Black & White]. This gives you much better control on converting photo to duotone. Awesome.

  • Add a think border to photo (from Photoshop)
  • Short cut of Illustrator CS3. These short cust makes me feel like I am playing musical keyboard when working on graphic, but hell they are essential when I do a lot of graphic manipulation.
  • Export Photoshop Path to Illustrator. This is easy.

  • Copy layer between two Illustrator document.
    This is supposed to be the solution.
    But actually I found a better solution: use the [Edit] [Paste in Front] will paste the objects that I copied from one document to the new document and keep the position of all items.

  • Create transperant Glass effect in Illustrator
    This site would be a good start .... keep searching ...

  • Learn how to use Live Color and Color Guide effectively.
    This awesome video demonstrates what Live Color is about.

  • Figure out how to consistent join two object
    Couldn't believe that I keep forgetting how to do it:
    • Select the two objects you wan to join.
    • Bring up Pathfinder, click the union icon on "Shape Modes"
    • select menu [Object][Expand Apperance...]
    • done.

  • Find out how to modify effect history.
    Turns out the solution is pretty straight forward : Just bring up the "Appearance" Window and modify all the applied effects.