Tuesday, December 25, 2012

OMG, found out what ruin Daz Studio ... it's Office 2013

While I continue to set up my Windows 8 Pro environment on my MacMini, I had DazStudio 4.5 (in fact, all DazStudio version including the older 3.x) problem, which the file dialog lost the folder navigation and network access capability.   I "resolved" the problem by re-install the whole operating system.  

And then a while ago, I found that the problem CAME BACK AGAIN.  But then something suddenly clicked in my head: maybe some application caused this problem.  And I suddenly thought, hell, it could be Office 2013, because my M6600 with Windows 8 has almost the same stuff as my MacMini Windows 8 EXCEPT the Office 2013.  So I uninstalled Office 2013, and SURE ENOUGH the problem was GONE!

The odd thing is that I COULD NOT find any report on Internet that says the same Daz Studio conflict with Office 2013.  I guess I am one of those rare person who happens to use both of them on the same machine.

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