Sunday, April 06, 2014

No portable for Manga Studio 5 EX

Whenever I try a new piece of software, I always check and see if I can make it "portable", meaning, grab the application folder and put it on another machine, and see if it works work out a full installation.  As I constantly moving from one machine to another machine, this practice helps me to being productive since I don't have to spend time re-installing all the applications I need.  Sure, not all applications are portable friendly.  But so far, majority of application I care are portable friendly.  So far so good.

Recently I tried to pick up manga drawing, and Manga Studio 5.0EX is the best on the market.  So the question is: can Manga Studio 5 EX run as a portable app?

Answer: errr sort of .. if you don't mind missing EX features.

Here's the features I lost if I run the app in Portable mode:

  • Multiple page support is NOT available.
  • Material library is NOT supported.
  • The software identify itself as Manga Studio 5 instead of 5 EX.
Still at least all the basic features are there in portable mode.  So I am not complaining.

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Camilo Martin Momenti said...

Two things came to mind when reading your post:

1) Saying that Manga Studio 5 EX is the best out there is not entirely accurate. Yes, it may have tons of really cool features, but on the other hand, it's really bulky and its interface is not as straightforward as some other software (heck, even less straightforward than Photoshop, and Photoshop's not that good either). As an example, my girlfriend tried it and couldn't get it to "work" for her, instead opting for the minimalistic and simple (but overwhelmingly more popular) PaintTool SAI. I tried it and must say that it's even simpler than Photoshop to get used to. Here's the kind of things she draws.

2) I thought you were going to say "I tried virtualizing it but it didn't work" (it doesn't work for some software, like I couldn't get it to work for Visual Studio). So, if you want to try something bold, you can try picking a virtual machine, some application virtualization software (both of which exist in free forms) and giving it a go (also with other apps you use). I'm planning to do this, myself (mostly because, it's fun!).