Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to properly export page from Manga Studio EX4 to Photoshop

Each graphic tool has its own strength. So I use Manga Studio EX4 to do inking, and then I export the inking result to Photoshop CS4 and do the coloring there. To make sure that the inking layer has it's own layer when opening inPhotoshop, make sure that you export the file properly with these setting:

  • In Manga Studio EX4, select [File][Export...][Image file...(In Pixels)]
  • In "Export Image" dialog box, select "(x) Output as actual size" as Output Size. For File Setting, choose "Photoshop" type. Click [Settings...] to get to the "Photoshop settings" dialog. Choose "(x)Keep Layer structure for Output" option, check
    "[x] Ouput layer set (Photoshop 6.0 ot later)" and select "(x) Up to 5 Layers (Photoshp CS or Later)".
That's it. Happy Inking and coloring!


Jono Gray said...

Thanks a bunch, Oh Design! Your post solved my problem! Keep up the good work!! :)

DELA said...

Hi guys ,
can please somebody tell me how long did take when exporting 600 dpi file to Photoshop ?
10 minutes ? More ?
What are your experiences ?