Sunday, June 08, 2008

Found out how to save expression in Daz Studio

I have to say that I am pretty piss right now as I wasted 1.5 hours trying to figure out how to save Expression in Daz Studio 2.1. Eventually I found it. but damn it for lossing my 1.5 hours.

Basically I am following the instruction at Daz web site, but since that article was written for older version, some minor stuffs was changed.

Before saving, you should create a folder to store your own setting. I have a habit of putting my own Daz Studio content in place other than the application installed directory. However, make sure that the content directory you used to store your custom expression is under "Daz Studio Content Directories" instead of "Poser Content Directories". I made that mistake and thus my saved expression was never show up.

If everything done right, you should see the folder name you created to store expression showing up at "Uncategorized" group.

If you don't see your expression showing up, check the following:

  • Make sure the your content path is in the preference. For some stupid reasons sometimes the path will disappear. And you have to add again, so do check.
  • Do "Search for Content" so that the UI can be refreshed. That should load your expression.
More tidbit on saving expression:

  • Setting up your active screen in a way that you want the icon to look like. I perfer using "Front View", and how the head zoomed in so that I can clearly see the expression.
  • When saving, simply:
    • Navigate to your Daz Content Folder.
    • If it's a new category, create a new folder and save your file in it.
    • On "Save Pose Preset Options", take the default, which is "Current Frame Only" and "Record Custom".
    • MAKE SURE you check the check box for the character (like Victoria 4), otherwise all your effort will NOT be saved even though the icon looks good.
    • Also MAKE SURE that you check the right sub-hierarchy. Otherwise the pose you save may affect the whole body. For instance, if you just want to save the facial expression. You see check the "head" check-box in the hierarchy ONLY.

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