Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to create a color poster using Adobe Illustrator CS5

- Create a new document with the dimension of your final poster, but take overlap area as consideration.  for instance, if you want to print out on 2 Ledger Paper (17 inch x 11 inch), and you want .75 inch overlap, then your dimension should be:
Width: 22 inch - 1.5 inch = 20.5 inch
Height 17 inch - 1.5 inch = 15.5 inch
- Put your image on the art-board, enlarge it to fill up all the space
- Select [File][Print...] to bring up print dialogue.
- In Media, select your paper size. I chose Ledger.
- In Options:
- Choose tile
- In Overlap, enter 0.75 inch.
- Look at the preview to make sure everything look good.
- Click Print to print the page out.
- Use Scotch tape to put together together.

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