Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finally, the way to make my Lightwave green version complete

I am studying texture mapping these days, and found that Lightwave 8 comes with great Texture Mapping capability without using other UV Mapping specific application. However along the way I was a bit confused about the role of bump map, so I read a bit from this article to get some general idea.

I also enjoy the fact that the tutorial help file that comes with Lightwave 8 is also available online so that I can access it everywhere I go.

My biggest discovery today, though, is that there's a way to load all the plug-in when I use the portable (green) version of Lightwave 8. That way I can import EPSF files, use JPEG image during texture mapping, render a scene and export it to JPEG and so on.

To import all plug-in with a Lightwave 8 portable version:
Under [Utilities] tab, click Edit Plugins (or Alt F11), Click [Scsn Directory] button on the Edit Plug-in window. In "Browser for Folder", select the whole "Lightwave [8]" folder. When done scanning, click [OK}, and click [Done]. Now when you go to [File][Import], you will find options that you never had before.

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