Monday, August 14, 2006

Suitcase for Windows - Using font without comittment

I found it amazing cool that Extensis Suitacse 9.2 is actually portable friendly. Now I can have a font set in my removable harddisk, and access thse fonts wherever I go! Sure, it has problem preview the current system fonts, but all I care is the ease of accessing fonts on my USB HD, and for that it works good.

BTW, it's always a good idea to restart an application before using it after a set of font was activated, otherwise the font on the app will act strange.

As I expected, Suitcase has problem dealing with Chinese fonts, particularly:

- It does not work with Chinese .TTC (Font Collection).
- It cannot recognize Chinese font name, and display a blank name instead. And it even has problem loading more than one Chinese font since it sees all these attempteed to be added fonts with the same name, BLANK. There are some fonts that work though. Strange.

So I guess I need to find some way to rename a font and heck to make it work. Once a chinese font is being activiated, it works pretty well, though.

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