Saturday, December 02, 2006

A bug in Painter XI.5

Previously I had problem running Painter XI.5 after upgraded it from XI. Yesterday I finally figured out the reason: I forgot to reset the default setting, as instructed at the web site right next to the download link! (So, yeah, my bad).
So now Painter XI.5 is running smoothly on my machine.

However, I guess I stumbled across a Painter XI.5 bug. Try this:
(1) Create a new document.
(2) Add a layer (Layer 1)
(3) Select the Canvas layer, and then select [Canvas][Canvas Sizes...]. Add 400 pixels to bottom.
(4) Select layer 1
(5) Now try to draw at the bottom of the newly added area.

You will find out that you CANNOT paint in that area. However, try save the document and then reopen again. That bottom area in the layer 1 in now accessible.

Is it a well known bug, of something I discovered and should be reported to Corel?

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