Friday, November 07, 2008

For my friend who tries to repackage other's content and resell it

I don't think reselling web page/site template is that easy. People have higher expectation on sites, and dynamic contents require setting at the server site. If you don't have that kind of knowledge, the user may return your design and ask for refund because they have problem putting them at their site and you can't have resolving the problem. It's less than just pretty static web page these days.

So instead of aim for reselling something for cheap, you really should package it as a total end to end service. In this economic downturn, people are looking for solution that yield revenue directly instead of just a pretty face. Try leverage some existing service like Blogger and FaceBook, telling you client that you can help designing sites that give them a unified message among all these dynamic sites and at the same time providing services to costume (like, for instance, using Twitter to provide service or product delivery status).

That, of course, it much more than just grab some freebie templates and then reselling them. But hey, if it's easy, everyone should have done it already.

Another thing: you may be violating copyright if you just garb stuff online and then resell them, even when those content are free. There are different kind of licensing governing so called free content, like Creative Common or GPL. Make sure you know your right and obligation before you repackage others creation online. You can actually get sued.

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