Friday, December 19, 2014

So that's how you make Daz Studio 4.6 recognize your Smart Content compatible content

It's Christmas time and I finally have time to, once again, play with DazStudio.  Everytime I pick up Daz Studio again, there's something new I need to learn.  This time, it's the Smart Content.  Specifically, how to find content in it.

So I tried to use the QuickStart Guide with Bareboot Dancer video.  Problem comes: I could NOT find Barefoot Dancer.  I checked around for a while and still couldn't find it.  Eventually I stumbled upon this link, After reading it, I still couldn't find my solution.

Eventually, I found out that there's this "Content Database Maintenance..." menu item above the "Smart Content" tab.  I looked inside, and found the item "Reset Database".  I selected it and clicked "Accept", and found that ALL CONTENT were gone from the Smart Content window.  Shocked, I looked into the Content Database Maintenance" dialog again, and found "Re-Import Metatdata...".  I selected it and Accepted it.  A big list showed up, and I also accepted it.  After like 10 minutes, I got a lot of content in the Smart Content!

So this seems to be a way to make Smart Content to recognize those content that I installed in non-traditional way, like manually add them in the content folder.

I still have not find barefoot dancer, though.

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