Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big mistake with Daz Studio 2

I found out, today, that I made a big mistake regarding to organizing my Daz Studio resources. Instead of putting all my content files in Daz Studio's main content directory (under Program Files), I put them in the Q drive of my desktop machine. My rational was that it will give me flexibility of detaching the content from the main application, in case I need to rebuild the OS partition.

The problem is that by doing so, it makes backing up the whole Daz Studio environment difficult. After I installed the application, I started to use the Daz Studio database to organized my content. So now some reference in the database pointed to C: drive while others are pointing to Q: drive. That means if something goes wrong, and I need to replicate the environment, I have to put some content in C:, and then some content in Q:.

I also realize that it's impossible to consolidate folders. If you move the folder, Daz will lose track of your content, and all the work you did on organizing the content will be lose.

So now I kind of have a mess on hand, which is really not the end of the world, but I definitely will do it differently if I can do it again.

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