Monday, June 25, 2012

Not a good idea to install both Daz Studio 3 and Daz Studio 4 on the same machine (or use more than 1 enviornment)

Now that I know the "Data" folder is "Content" is important, I start setting up SyncToy infrastructure to back it up, and that's when I realize one thing: having more than one DazStudio working enviornment in my network is probably a bad idea, because data in "Data" folder will step over each other.  I realized that by opening the same file one time in Daz Studio 3 and one time in Daz Studio 4 on the same M6600, and then tried to sync "Data" folder to the centralized server "Ultimate Content Folder".  Until I sort of the conflict, I think I'll just stick with one enviornment.  For now, it's Daz Studio 4 Pro on Dell Precision M6600 laptop.

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