Saturday, April 19, 2008

Papervision 3D

The new bizz in Flash town is Papervision 3D, a open source free engine that allows you to create 3D content for your Flash animation.

A few things to mention when I try out the engine:
  • It WORKS with the portable version of Flash CS3 professional (Yeah, I can code 3D everywhere I go!)
  • The most critical thing is to make sure that the "...as3\truck\src" is in the Classpath under Actionscript 3.0 Setting. To check it, go to [Edit][Preferences...][ActionScript Tab][Actionscript 3.0 Setting button...]. If the path is not there, add it. It should save with the application. I mean, even the portable version I have works.
  • On a Flash document (.fla) page, you can associate a class to it. In fact, a lot of demonstration on PaperVision3D put code in saperate .as class file, so you shall get familiar with the approach. It's actually pretty simple:
    • In your hosting .fla file, enter the document class name in the Properties tab.
    • Save the .fla file if it's not been saved.
    • In the SAME directory of your .fla file. create a text file with .as extension with the SAME name of your class.
    • Click the pencil button next to Document class textbox, and it should bring you the an editor with your .as class file loaded.
    • Put your code in there.
    • Compile, test movie.
  • The Flash CS3, by default, won't save the files you modified before compile your movie. So make sure you save your files before testing any movie.

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