Monday, April 21, 2008

Use Flash Player Standalone to debug Actionscript 3.0 Application

By default Flex Builder 3 will create a html for your Actionscript project, and then use it to debug your Actionscript application. I much rather use Flash Player Standalone instead, so I made the following changes in my project.

  • Select [Run][Debug][Others...]
  • In the "Create, Manage, and run configurations" window, uncheck the "Use defaults" checkbox. Now manually changes all entries to reference to ......swf instead of .... html . This will launch your default swf file player. If necessary, set the default application of .swf to the Flash Player Standalone application.
  • Important: make sure that the standalone player you use is a Debug version. You will find it when you download the Flash Player 9 package form Adobe. Unzip the .zip and you will find the Debug version.

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