Monday, April 21, 2008

Using Flex Builder 3 to develop Papervision3D 2.0 (Actionscript 3) application

Here's the steps I used:

  • Install "Install Flash Player 9 Plugin.msi" (from the Flash Player 9 Update package). That way, when Flex tries to language the application for Actionscript, it will launch your feault browser, and Flash Player 9 will be loaded properly for your 3D fun.
  • Launch Flex Builder 3.
  • Create a new Actionscript Project
  • In your project property, selecPublish Postt [Actionscript Build Path], then under [Source path] tab, select the folder of your 2.0 alpha source folder. In my case: "Q:/Apps/Development/Papervision3D/2.0 alpha/src"
  • Write code.
  • Compile

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