Monday, April 04, 2011

Once again, fustrated by DazStudio

I was trying to spend this weekend to learn about how to use lighting effectively on Daz Studio, but at the end I found out other headache that I wasn't expected to deal with.

It started when I found out that, on my Mac, not all old files could be opened.  I have to set the [Preference][Directories] setting so that all 3 types (DAz Studio Formats native, Poser Formats (import), Other Supported Format (import)) point to the same "Volumes/Ultimate Poser Vault" folder, and even that, there still some files couldn't be open.  That's the moment when I realized that the daz files has some directory dependent information in it, much is bad.

I also found out that Daz files that create on my Mac doesn't open properly on my M6400 PC, and so is the vice verse case.  I think the network reference are not the same.  That's why the problem.

Interestingly, older files are working ok on both the Mac and the PC.  I think they were created in the era where those resource are still natively installed on the Application local folder, instead of the network drive.

it's not totally hopeless, though, because by seraching the name in the Scene, I can find the "missing" item, and then I can drag and drop them back to the scene.  So the materials are indeed still available.  Just the reference got messed up.

So what should I do.  Well, I think from now on I should:

  • Use the Dell M6400 to create scenes, since the performance seemed way better than on my Mac Mini.
  • Do documentation to write down clearly:
    • Which platform I create the scene with, Windows or Mac
    • What is the path of the the 3 reference paths.
  • set only the Poser content path to point to  "Ultimate Poser Vault".  I am worry that the more reference, the messier it gets.

Hopefully that will make reopening the file in the future less painful.

BTW, I did "serarch content" on the Windows DazStudio and the app crashed. so I have to reinstall ... but still crash.  So I am now downloading a newer version  Sigh, this DazStudio continue to be the bitter sweet.

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