Monday, May 26, 2008

Continuous struggle with Poser 7 (to make costume for Daz Studio characters)

After weeks, I am stupid struggling with making costumes for characters in Daz Studio. Neverthesless, there' some slight progress, and that's why I am trying to jot down some notes for myself.

  • Definitely check out the Creating Conforming Clothing For Poser Figures article at Smith Micro web site. I will definitely stuck for long long time without that article.

  • Definitely need to save constantly. Poser 7 seems very fragile when dealing situation it didn't expected. While I was still in learning mode, I had to constantly start Poser 7 again after doing something not in the "right way".

  • When creating bones, make sure that you know what is the "base" of the new one that you are about to create. Haven't said that it's actually no big deal for making mistake since you can always manipulate the hierachy by bringing up the hierarchy window, and the drag and drop the bone structures.

  • Sometimes you make create more bone than you need. Delete them first before naming, or otherwise some funky thing may happen.

  • AT first I found out that it's much easier to name the bones right inside the Hierarchy window than using the property window since the property window shows both the name and the internal name, and I was like "why the hell should I care about the Internal name"? And then later I realized that the Name is the display name, and it's the internal name that has to match the group name. Very critical a step.

  • Remember the click the "Auto Group" button at the end of the rigging process, otherwise the costume will act like it's breaking apart.

  • Make you study the corresponding joints you try to conform with before doing rigging. All parts have to match, or otherwise you will get strange result. You can do it by loading the figure in Poser 7 and then go to [Setup] area. For example, for me, I load Aiko from the library at "[From Original - DAZ Aiko 3]".

I still haven't done with my model yet, but at least I stepped enough mines to learn my way. Enough pain for one day, and I need to move on to do something else.

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