Saturday, May 03, 2008

PVC Glove

I just posted a question about my straight PVC Glove problem at the forum:

So let me get this straight: to get the best rendering result, I need to use Software Render. But since software rendering doesn't use GPU on the graphic card, the only way to improve rendering performance is by getting a machine with faster CPU (or more CPUs)? Oh well, I am glad that I went for a QudaCore Processor when I got a new Dell 6 months ago.

Actually, I didn't know that use Hardware render (OpenGL on my graphic card) doesn't give me all the effect Daz3D provided until recently. But even then I couldn't seen to get everything right. For instance, I used PVCGear dress in this picture:

The dress was fine, all glossy. But the glove doesn't seen look as glossy. I tried both hardware and software rendering and seems to get the same result. What did I do wrong?

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