Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Question about making clothing

Here's where I posted my question:

Information about making costume for Daz Studio using 3D Studio Max

I have problem finding the props and costume for scenes that I want to create in Daz Studio, and decided that I should start creating props and costume using 3D Studio Max. I have no problem creating props, but I don't know how to create costume.

I found some instruction about creating basic clothing with 3D Studio Max, but it seems to rely on Poser to do the fitting with Cloth simulation. Is it a must to have Poser in order to create clothing for Daz Studio? Any information about creating clothing on 3DSMax (I am using version 9) for Daz Studio?

Honestly I am a lazy person so if I could buy it I would. But I could find any Mongolian gown and other Chinese minority costume (like Xinjiang) for sale. Plus I love to contribute my work in open source just to show my appreciate for all the free stuff and help I got so far. And I love pretty costumes :->



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