Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Importing old Poser 4 files to Daz Studio 2.1

I tried importing some old Poser 4 files to Daz Studio 2.1. It worked, but since the original model rely on a lot of parts from the Poser 4 application, so I took a look at Poser 7 and see if there's any same parts that I can use. It turns out that most of the Poser 4 files are available on Poser 7, but they are all zipped in .obz format. To turn them into regular .obj file:

  • Rename the file extension to .zip.
  • Unzip it, and a obj file will be automatically expanded as the result
That's it. Very simple. There were still a few texture files missing, but they affect my model, so I wasn't care about them at all.

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